Although last season won the League
Although last season won the League 9th Kevin Klein Jersey, but this season Bournemouth's situation is not satisfactory, the first 18 rounds of the strike they only ranked 16th league with 16 points Josh Jooris Jersey, only 1 point from the relegation zone, and in the After losing 0-4 to Liverpool, Bournemouth has been a row in six consecutive victories Tie Domi Jersey, the guest face Chelsea, Eddie - Ho team I am afraid it is difficult to make a difference.

As Guardiola's four-lane team, the league leaders have to deal with six games in the next 18 days, and Leicester City in midweek is the starting point. But what makes the Manchester City commander somewhat relieved is that their league opponents are all ninth and behind Glenn Anderson Jersey. Moreover, the gap between the two games in the Manchester City Devil schedule basically reached 4 days, only January 2 Battle of Waterford and December 31 guest Crystal Palace less than 4 days interval.

Judging from the current situation, the candidates for the final trio of African footballers are Atwas Aaron forwards from Bundesliga Dortmund, as well as Black duo Salah and Mane from Liverpool. It is worth mentioning that, Salah very promising to be 2017 African Footballer. He played very well in Rome last season, after joining Liverpool this season, even more popular, has scored 20 goals, the fans affectionately call it "Liverpool new thigh." More importantly, Salah was responsible for 11 goals and 6 assists in his first qualifying round of Africa in this World Cup.
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Chelsea coach Conti
Chelsea coach Conti: Bournemouth played the game very difficult to play James Sheppard Jersey, when you lose the game at home 0-4, it is definitely not good. So we have to be extra careful tomorrow, Bournemouth wants revenge, they'll work hard to make trouble for us, so we have to be careful and we have to be well-prepared.

West Ham is about to face Arsenal in the League Cup, and in the press conference before the game, the last three unbeaten West Ham coach Moyes also accepted the interview. In the interview, Moyes confident that he has the ability to coached any team in the world Derek Stepan Jersey.

Moyes coach Everton in the Premier League for many years Marek Hrivik Jersey, led the middle reaches of Everton's record has been very stable Jesper Fast Jersey, but took over Manchester United, Moyes coach career record has declined. Less than a year in coaching Manchester United was fired by the Red Devils, and then did not teach Royal Society to play well, coach Sunderland last season and led the relegation.
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Like their city rivals Manchester City
Like their city rivals Manchester City, Manchester United Christmas matches also face six tough matches, and the one-way lead is that their rivals also have no so-called Big6 team. But Manchester United's schedule is more frequent, they have to play six games in 17 days Henrik Lundqvist Jersey Youth, and most of the two games are three days apart, but less than 48 hours apart between the Southampton and Hakka Fight Everton, only the Lord Between Burnley and Southampton, and between the off-season Everton and Derbyshire, take four days off.

But this does not prevent the Premiership team's trust in Moyes Jesper Fast Jersey, in early November this year, West Ham fired Birch invited Moyesi as the team's coach. Moyes succeeded in taking over the West Ham after the start record is not highlighted, the first four battles failed to win a game Conor Allen Jersey, losing three times and a big loss to Liverpool and Everton.

However, since entering in December Tanner Glass Jersey, Moyesi led West Ham United has successively defeated Chelsea, draw Arsenal (League), while defeating Stoke City in the league, which defeated Chelsea and draw Arsenal Mowei also made full of confidence. In the League Cup against Arsenal before, Moyesi has become very confident, that he is fully capable of coaching any team in the world.
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Liverpool in January mistakes made
Liverpool in January mistakes made them lined up with the league title Sergei Nemchinov Jersey, so this season they quit early League Cup competition. Last weekend Klopp's team overcame Bournemouth and held their heads high to enter the Christmas schedule, just five games in the next 15 days. However, this schedule is not easy, because both the hard-fought League Arsenal offensive, and the FA Cup Merseyside derby, Klopp ready yet?

Especially in the final key battle Jesper Fast Jersey, with a scaled second, to help the Egyptians after a lapse of 28 years, once again return to the stage of the World Cup race! On the other hand, Salah's club mate Mane also played exceptionally well in helping Liverpool return to the top four last season Dylan Mcilrath Jersey. In the African Cup preliminaries, Mane also successfully led Senegal, the motherland, into the World Cup. I do not know this competition between good partners, will not affect the tacit agreement between the two in the game.

British crown team Barnsley announced on the official website Kevin Hayes Jersey, the team was acquired by Chinese businessman Li Jian, Li Jian is also the initial investor of the famous seven-day hotel chain. It is worth mentioning that, in June last year, Lee also acquired Balotelli effect of 80% of the shares of the French Nice.
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